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Polyester Fabric Care

Updated: May 2, 2022

Yes, you can wash 100% polyester

Items made from polyester can be hand or machine washed. Turn the item inside out to avoid pilling and choose a cold or low heat setting on your machine. Or hand wash in tepid water. You can use your usual detergent. Air dry or make sure your dryer is on a low heat as polyester can melt. To be honest I throw it in at 40 and just tumble it, our poly is 290gsm thickness so it can hold up to most things, if you iron this make sure you cover the pattern

or the pattern once heated might just might end up on your iron, we iron it on the back... or shove a bit of parchment over, just in case.

“Polyester can be washed using a cool or warm setting on your machine..”

100% polyester is synthetic and unlikely to shrink. Using too much heat causes damage, including shrinkage and melting. Polyester can also be blended with other fabrics that can shrink, like cotton. So if you have our poly as the top image and cotton as the back be mindful that the cotton may shrink if to hot.

This useful, misunderstood fabric is easier to care for than you might think.

Polyester should be washed in warm water either by hand or on a gentle machine setting. Any heat should be avoided to protect the garment’s delicate polyester fibers. Can You Wash Polyester in Cold Water?

Polyester can be safely washed in cold water. A cold temperature helps prevent potential shrinkage and heat damage to the fibers of the fabric. Allowing your polyester garment to stay in tiptop condition and last longer.

Choose the lowest possible setting on your machine to ensure you get a cold wash. For best results, wash in cold water by hand. I throw it in the machine personally, and as it's so easy

to clean we are all doing our bit for eco friendly washing. What Temperature Do You Wash 100% Polyester?

The actual temperature you wash 100% polyester : ideal temperature would be a cold wash. Polyester should not be washed at temperatures higher than 40ºC or 104ºF.

If you have doubts about the temperature, hand wash the item in lukewarm or hand-hot water. This will ensure it isn’t too hot for the fabric. I have personally washed a cusion in the machine at 40 for 5 years solid with no problems. Always cool tumble always cool iron or a bit hotter with a cloth over it. We don't want to

over burn it, saying that we have ladies and gents making bags who do use the bonding

so whatever heat the bonding needs seems to hold up lovely.

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