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Our processes for printing

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Our printer which for us only prints on 100% Quality Cotton

This printer can only take our 100% Cotton Fabrics as we only have it set up to do cotton, we can't use just any strips of cotton as it has to have a roll attached to print from, we loose

a meter at the start and a meter at the end, just for it to wind one and pre print.

We use Oeko-Tex ink

Most printing inks use pigments for their color efficacy. Pigments can be natural (plant or animal origin) or synthetic, and belong to both organic and inorganic classes.”

What is Oeko-Tex Certified Fabric? Oeko Tex cotton fabric is fabric that uses standard cotton but has been certified free from hazardous chemicals and is therefore deemed safe. Most makers and brands use fabric that is certified on the 'Oeko Tex 100 Standard' which deemed products baby and child safe.

Our Second Printer the Sublimation printer

Unlike the cotton printer above, this printer can only print on 100% Polyester It does not print direct on to the fabric, but on a special paper once heated permanently dies the fabric, the beauty of polyester the ink and the fabric

become one, that means it will last and last as the ink and the fabric are the same,

again fully washable. Polyester has come a long way and it's now eco friendly and

you can breath in it. The printer gives the most vibrant colours compared to the

cotton printer which mutes the colours.

Oeko-Tex inks are also used on our poly printer.

“Please bear in mind we have masses of prints to do, 100m of fabric on a Monday as a rule, this is why we have extended times.”
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